Nouveau retro pop-rock music:
Definitely different!!
Sid, does keyboards, guitars, backup vocals, and some lead vocals for Stone Marmot. Sid is the band's technical wizard. He has a degree in electrical engineering and has worked as a design engineer in the automotive and aerospace industries. His circuits and some of his software have found their way into millions of automobiles, hundreds of commercial aircraft, and are even orbiting this planet and are on or around other planets. He has filed a number of invention disclosures, of which a number have resulted in patents. In his spare time, he has designed and built numerous projects such as burglar alarms, lasers, hovercraft, battery chargers, computers, and solar electric systems. He designed and built his and Cindy's guitar amplifiers and much of the band's sound system and recording equipment.

In his late thirties, Sid has been playing guitar and keyboards for about 15 years.

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