Nouveau retro pop-rock music:
Definitely different!!
Sammy, bass player and main lead singer for Stone Marmot. Sammy is the old man of the band, being in his mid forties. Besides music, his chief interest in life is food. He has never met a donut he didn't like and has been known to kill a dozen donuts in one sitting. Rumor has it that once while at a restaurant for lunch, besides his regular meal, he ordered (and ate) one of every dessert on the menu (seven total). But don't let this give you the impression that he doesn't eat healthy, for he makes sure that, when eating at buffets, he always has a heaping plate of salad and a heaping plate of fruit to go with his full plate of main course and full plate of desserts. Proprietors of "all you can eat" restaurants tremble when Sammy walks through the door.

Sammy has been playing bass for almost 30 years. He has played in numerous garage and bar bands over the years. Though some have referred to his singing style as the "Voice of Doom," he is actually a very gentle and laid back person.

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