Nouveau retro pop-rock music:
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Media Comments On "Babes Of An Alien Persuasion"

Scott Harrell, reviewer for the "Weekly Planet," says our CD is "... mostly a joy to listen to ..." and "... the marvelous harmonies, caricatured pop hallmarks and utterly ludicrous themes are surely worth the price of admission."

Steve Allat, reviewer for "The Muse's Muse," says: "Happy. Quirky. Up-beat. Positive, yet non-preachy. Yes, pop music could use some of this. And so here is Stone Marmot to deliver."

"Recording" magazine comments on our song "Alien Concubine:" "Close your eyes and imagine a marriage between the B-52s and Devo. Kinda scary, huh? Well, the folks in Stone Marmot have a cool, catchy tune here ..." Hear this song now!

Media Comments On "Rock - For People Who Don't Dig Rock"

Curtis Ross, reviewer for the "Tampa Tribune," says: "Stone Marmot belongs to the proud tradition of nerd rock - Buddy Holly, The Embarrassment, Weezer: performers who love the big beat but have given up trying to look elegantly wasted. "Rock" is sweet, simple but smart pop."

Wade Tatangelo, reviewer for "Creative Loafing," says: ""I'm sick of writing songs that gotta make sense and put a tear in somebody's eye," goes the endearing chorus to "Na Na Baby Goodbye." The song is a cuddly ode to the feel-good pop of yesteryear delivered with a nod to They Might Be Giants and The B-52s. It's among a clutch of fun, catchy, energetic tunes . . . by Clearwater-based band Stone Marmot. This is smile and shake-it music that would make for a great dance party."

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