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Our Lyrics

Our latest CD, "Rhinos Don't Have Sweat Glands," is now available, though only in digital form (We are still debating whether to release this as a physical CD.). Check out the lyrics to these songs on the CD:

1 My Girlfriend Is A Zombie
2 Black Hole Jezebel
3 I Can't Undo Loving You
4 Miss Chameleon
5 Power Tool Songs
6 Rain Barrel Boogie
7 Trampoline Hearts
8 We Worship Waste
9 The Dino Dance
10 Hard To Keep Turning The Other
11 He Who Dies With The Most Toys
12 My Maybe Baby
13 Mr. Henderson, We Meet Again
14 But I'm Happy
15 Rhodania
16 Someday
17 Forever Yours

Check out the lyrics to our second CD, "Rock - For People Who Don't Dig Rock,":

1 Creep Repellent
2 Building Me Down
3 I Must Be The Change
4 Dreaming
5 Na Na Baby Goodbye
6 Misery In This World
7 Damage I Have Done
8 Men Hurt Too
9 I Feel Fine
10 You're Not Good Enough
11 Toby The Wonder Cat
12 Six String Spell
13 For People Who Don't Dig Rock

Check out the lyrics for the songs on our debut CD entitled "Babes Of An Alien Persuasion":

1 Environmental Poser
2 With Your Love
3 The Choice
4 River
5 Alien Concubine
6 Ms. Frumpy
7 Sensitivity
8 Why
9 The Duh-Lay-Oh Song
10 The Winds Of Time
11 Foreign Legion
12 Cool Is For Posers

Here are some other songs we haven't decided what to do with:

1 Amazed What A Smile Can Do
2 All The World Is An Ashtray
3 Thinking Of You
4 It's OK To Cry
5 Trapped In Y2K

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Jan. 31, 2024

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