All The World Is An Ashtray

by Stan Good and A. Karpinski
Song © 2003 Stan Good and A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved

All the world is an ashtray

Took a walk along a road near Birmingham
But, hey, it could be anywhere
Enjoying the wood's beauty and the scenery
But noticed all the litter tha was there

About that time, a Taurus zoomed around the curve
Driver having him a smoke
Finished it, then out the window it flew
The butt landed at my toe
And I thought “To you ...

All the world is an ashtray”
But you should keep it to yourself
All the world is an ashtray
But you're bad for this planet's health

I got no bones to pick with smokers 'cause
Sometimes I like me a big cigar
But grownup habits mean responsibility
Like keeping your trash inside of your car

Or toss it in the refuse bins
That every service station has
'Cause when you flick it out your window
Son, I want to throw it back
'Cause you think that

“All the world is an ashtray”
Let Mother Nature clean your mess
All the world's your dirty ashtray
When you don't pick up after yourself

Now, I don't blame only you smokers, no
I blame all those mamas and dads
Who never whupped their trash-tossing kiddies behinds
And told them litterin's bad

As I wrote this song, I saw two bluebirds land
On a pine branch next to me
We all looked down on the litter around
And this is what we see:

Plastic Sprite bottle, two gum wrappers
Plastic picnic folk, two torn sugar packs
Yellow plastic dish, 'luminum soda cans
And enough butts to make a smoker hack

That's what was underfoot in a five foot strip
And the view goes on for miles
Ugly reminders of former thoughtlessness
From adults who think like childs

All the world is an ashtray
Out of window, out of mind
All the world is an ashtray
But it stinks unless your blind

All the world is NO ashtray
Just use the trash can next gas stop
Your car has an ashtray
If you don't use it, someone call the cops!

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