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January 24, 2022

The following are a collection of essays by the various band members. The subjects are usually related to the band member's interests and/or, particularly in Sid's case, expertise. Some subjects planned for the future include hints on saving energy, descriptions of some of Sid's electronic projects, observations on the music business, etc. Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and band trivia will also be posted here. Approach them all with an open mind. Thanks for your indulgence.


Title Author
1 When Off Is Not Really Off Bruce
2 Are You Adhering To The Kyoto Protocol? Bruce
3 Carbon Credits = Environmental Indulgences Bruce
4 Global Warming Can't Be Real Sammy
5 Cheap Legislation To Save Energy Bruce
6 Saving Electricity In The Kitchen Bruce
7 Saving Electricity When Doing Laundry Bruce
8 Governments Encourage Water Waste Bruce
9 20% Improvement In Fuel Economy Instantly Sid
10 Are Passenger Cars The Problem? Bruce
11 Progress Energy Rates - Poor Subsidize Rich Bruce
12 Reduce Electrical Use - Part 1 Sid
13 Virtually All Electricity Eventually Becomes Heat Sid
14 Are Galveston And New Orleans Toxic Waste Sites? Bruce
15 Reduce Electrical Use - Part 2 Sid
16 Sustainability Talk Sid
17 Reduce Electrical Use - Short Sid

Solar Energy

Title Author
1 Why Electric Utilities Avoid Solar Power Sid
2 How We Are Brainwashed Against Solar Power Sid
3 Stone Marmot Goes Solar - Part 1 Sid
4 Stone Marmot Goes Solar: Part 2, Define System Sid
5 Stone Marmot Goes Solar: Part 3, Shading Sid
6 Stone Marmot Goes Solar: Part 4, Selecting An Installer Sid
7 Stone Marmot Goes Solar: Part 5, Installing The Grid Tie Portion Sid
8 Stone Marmot Goes Solar: Part 6, Modern Power Meters Don't Run Backwards Sid
9 Stone Marmot Goes Solar: Part 7, Installing The Battery Backup Portion Sid
10 Stone Marmot Goes Solar: Part 8, Four Months Later Sid
11 Getting Money Back From Solar Power Sid
12 Solar Electric Systems Presentation Sid


Title Author
1 Why People Hate Capitalism Bruce
2 Why Wait For A Leader? Bruce
3 No More Survival Instinct? Sammy
4 Problems Don't Equal Solutions Cindy
5 Forced To A World Of Extremists Cindy
6 Capitalism Requires Choice Bruce


Title Author
1 What Is A Hovercraft? Sid
2 Sid's Hovercraft (Data) Sid
3 Sid's Hovercraft - Frequently Asked Questions Sid
4 Sid's Hovercraft (Pictures) Sid

Music Gear and Projects

Title Author
1 Building The Bellplank Electric Guitar Sid
2 How To Make The Ampeg V4 Better For Bass Guitar Sid
3 Fixing An Ampeg B25 Problem Sid
4 Giulietti = Ampeg? Sid
5 Cheap Speaker Grill Cloth Sid
6 Eliminating Electrovoice Speaker Metal Grill Rattle Sid
7 Is The Master Volume Control Needed In Power Reduced Amps? Sid
8 Fixing The Echo Mona Preamp Gain Controls Sid
9 Amplifier Output Attenuator Sid
10 Versatile Telecaster Controls Sid
11 AK-9 Low Power Guitar Amp Sid
12 Make The Ampeg V4 Midrange Control Like SVT Sid
13 Another Giulietti - Ampeg Sid
14 Speaker Versus Amplifier Power Sid
15 Bellplank Electric Guitar, Revisited Sid
16 Dean Markley BC215D = Sunn 200S? Sid
17 Eliminate Batteries In Old Synths And Effects Sid
18 Replace 2kx8 RAMs With 8kx8 Nonvolatile FRAMs Sid
19 How We Did The "Let Me In" Computer Generated Vocals Sid
20 Gotek Floppy Drive Emulator In HP Logic Analyzer Sid


Title Author
1 What Is A Digipak? Sammy
2 My Recumbent Bicycle Cindy
3 My Amtrak Auto Train Experience Cindy
4 What Ever Happened To "Easy Open" Packages? Sammy
5 Another Disaster Concern - Identity Theft Cindy
6 Software - Change For No Reason Sammy
7 Air Conditioning Kills People Bruce
8 Replace Elastic On Face Masks Cindy

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